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Job #:  10863
Title:  Warehouse Manager
Location:  Baton Rouge, LA
Salary Range:  $11.00/Hour to $12.00/Hour
Position:  Warehouse Manager
We are currently recruiting a warehouse manager for a local, well established distribution company. This position is temp-to-hire with a 600 hour probationary period through our office before moving onto the client's payroll. The primary responsibilities for this positions are to maintain efficiency in all areas of the warehouse. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to keeping warehouse clean, organized and danger free. The selected employee will also be working with other departments such as the retail store, service department, customer service and returns department.

  • Minimum Qualifications: This position requires a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and basic computer skills. Must be able to operate a forklift and lift at least 70 Ibs.

    Job Required Tasks:
  • Check in all merchandise and returns every morning.
  • Thoroughly inspect all incoming merchandise and manually check in according to packing slip.
  • Thoroughly inspect all returns. Enter return information into communication history in notes
  • Make sure internet orders and pick lists are printed throughout the day, last print being at 5PM.
  • Make sure all merchandise and returns are checked in and put up within 24 hours of receipt
  • Make sure receiving area is clear at all times. No merchandise or returns should be left in this area once checked in.
  • Manage backorders by keying them in every morning into Intranet and shipping
    fulfilled backorders within 24 hours of receipt
  • Print store orders every day at 12PM.
  • Ensure that retail stores orders are pulled each day and placed in designated area
  • Make sure all the shipping supplies (boxes, tape, shrink wrap, etc) are stocked at all times.
  • Keep shipping mistakes less than .05% per month
  • Unload any truck that comes in for that day.
  • Pull down any merchandise in the warehouse that needs to be refilled.
  • Bring customer merchandise to the retail floor and sometimes help them load it up in their car or truck.
  • Stocking all items and making sure that everything is in the proper location.
  • Pulling and getting freight orders ready.
  • Cleaning warehouse and putting pallets where they need to go.
  • Making sure that all orders are double-boxed and appropriately packed for shipping
  • Make sure the warehouse is never left unattended during work hours.
  • Make sure that you are following the warehouse procedures book that you were given
Job Type:  Temp to Hire
Post Date:  08/10/2021